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Who AM I?
Who are you?


Once Upon a Time my story began

Once Upon a Time your story began

Are you living it, dancing it, singing it Zappy?


Dictionary [ zap-ee ]
1-Za·ppy "Energetic, Lively, Vigorous" 

-An example of something zappy is a song that makes people want to get up and dance 
2-Z·A·ppy- Inward Journey from Zzz to Awakening Pure Happiness


Also: Zappily / Zappiness / Zappier

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Sneak peak into my story

For the past 33 years I have

traversed through

the entire Alphabet

from bottom to top

Z to A...

From being Z-zzz 

(asleep-swept in the throes of society

and cultural conditioning)

to Ah!

Aware - Alert - Awakened


It has been a deep dive that has taken many

twists and turns, each letter on the journey

providing a tremendous transformation which

will share in an upcoming blog

I joke with my friends that I have already lived

at least three incarnations in this body, each one a completely different person which has metamorphosed deeper each time. The first being controlling, fearful, confused, a sheep in a herd of ignorance. Moving through the thick mud, the waters of change, the fire of transmutation, to reach the gold of Pure Love and Inner fulfillment

Having experienced profound shift from the fear, struggle and worry to Harmony and Joy

Now I live Zappy

Deep down the appearance of differences, we are all one, we are all connected, so my story is your story and your story is my story.


Therefore, I am here to provide a living example for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and wish to manifest true fulfillment 


To reach your last breath with a big smile on your face and contentment in your heart is its own reward

 Working together provides a golden opportunity to experience personally the magic that can happen by embodying the practices that lead you to your own discovery, your own magnificence and joy, to fall involve with your life 

Who AM I?
Who are you?

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Words could never convey the profound impact beautiful Aarya has had on my life… but this will suffice.  I met Aarya during my coming-of-age years.  Being the ignorant teenager I was, to say I disagreed with her philosophy would be an understatement.  However, little did I know that these teachings and her view on life would be my saving grace years to come.   


It was not until my early college years when I realized the gravity of Aarya’s teachings.  This started when I struggled with depression stemming from an identity crisis.  Questions flooded my mind to the point of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual suffocation: Who am I?  What is my purpose?  What’s the point of living if death is inevitable?  These questions prompted me to stop looking outward for an answer, and instead look inward.  What I needed was a new guide on how to walk through life.  


Years earlier Aarya blessed me with a book of hers that would guide me through this search for identity.  What Aarya taught me through this book is that life takes care of us through her natural unfolding events.  Instead of resisting the flow of life, we should embrace it and use our gift of will power to work with these forcings instead of against it.  Learning to work with life instead of against ultimately saved me.


Aarya’s philosophy of surrendering to life’s flow has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my own being on both a physical and spiritual level.  Whether this be through reading, meditation or expressing gratitude, Aarya’s teachings have not ceased to contribute to my own happiness

Davis Oas
Carlsbad, California

Living testimonial
Keenan Heinzelmann
Big Island, Hawaii

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